Reap What You Sow


THEME: As the days shorten and we prepare for a seasonal shift, it's time to collect the fruits of our labor, the manifestations of past intentions and deeds. It's time to honor that which has come full circle or can be put to rest.

CHECK-IN: Has something you've nurtured for awhile manifested in the past month or is close to coming to term? How does it appear right now? When did you first start working toward this "goal"? Connect the dots from start to finish. We will share.


Thoughts are incredibly powerful and can directly impact every experience for better or worse. Doing a few minutes of sitting and breathing can bring your thoughts forward so you notice how much time you are spending in the shadows versus basking in the golden light of life.

Remember, wherever you are on the emotional spectrum, there is no shame in how you feel. Recognize how you feel in both your body and mind. Wrap loving kindness around yourself and expand that warmth to others, even to all of humankind.

As October is often associated with Halloween, and halloween conjures up images of spirits and the cycle of life, let's try a simple practice of attention and curiosity.

You will see there is a pile of leaves. Select a leaf. For the next 5 minutes, get to know your leaf intimately. Look at your leaf - take a deep breath in and out. Take a closer look. Take another deep breath. Stay curious and notice as much as you can about your leaf while also taking a pause and a full breath with each new look. Look at your leaf from all angles, look for anomalies. Notice when your thoughts arise or if you are no longer focused on the leaf.  Gently, bring yourself back. (Collect the leaves)

SHARE: How was that? What helped you stay focused? Did any thoughts come that helped you connect with your leaf?  (Spread the leaves out so everybody can see them.) Think of an attribute that makes your leaf special. You will share that one attribute and see if we can pick out the leaf based on that.

CONSIDER: One type of meditative practice is to see through the lens of mortality. The practice entails moving through moments as if you no longer were alive, and noticing everything before you. You will likely feel an instantaneous sense of awe. Think about the beauty of just that one leaf. Every moment of our lives we are being blasted by miracles that we dismiss. If you can imagine yourself as a spirit for a few moments, you may experience extreme gratitude.

JOURNAL: Is there something that has not fully manifested that you fret over or worrying about? According to some spiritual practices the saying "I'll believe it when I see it" is backwards. Just because we don't see something doesn't mean it's not in the works. You have to believe it, to see it. Identify something you want to see in the future. Write 3 statements that position your mind to believe the possibility of this thing coming full circle.  We will share.

CLOSING: As the shadows grow longer, stop to take in the feeling of all of the changes that occur around you. Take a few minutes several times a day to pause, take a few deep breaths, see the world through spirited eyes - and love every single bit of it. Remember that what is in front of you is yesterday's manifestations. Your thoughts and actions now are for things that are yet to come.