Producers Of Abundance


THEME: November is a time when we celebrate abundance through our Thanksgiving feast. However, I tend to feel depleted. The carefree spirit of the summer slips away and I relate more to the withered leaf. It's probably linked to the switching of the clock, falling back in time. Still, it deserves some contemplation to determine if, through mindfulness, a sense of abundance can be whipped up and served on top of mental pumpkin pie.

CHECK-IN: Where do you lie on the spectrum of abundance these days? Do you feel abundant in some areas and depleted in others? We will share.

MINDFUL PRACTICE: There is a saying, "Where attention goes, energy flows." Let's foster a producer mindset. A producer is connected to an abundant supply. Producers of kindness create as much as they like. A consumer depends on a supply that can be depleted. Let's sit with the idea of nurturing a co-creative abundant relationship with the universe.

Sit in a comfortable position. Release any tension you are feeling in your eyes, jaw, neck, shoulders, hips, etc. Breathe a few deep breaths.

We will sit for a few minutes in quiet, settling into ourselves. When the time feels right to you, think of something you'd like more of in your life. Practice feeling abundant in that. Visualize with each breath yourself producing "it" from your heart, your mind, from every cell of your body. Think of your whole being as a producer of that thing in abundance. When you sense doubt or start to focus on what you lack, pause, take a few focused breaths and start again. See where it takes you.

CONSIDER: Taken from an interview with Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. regarding a course called "Attracting Genuine Abundance."

We are each a genius at manifesting what we don't want. From our early lives, we develop two sets of intentions and personalities:

  • Personality 1: conscious and largely positive. Focused on actions that attract healthy recognition.

  • Personality 2: unconscious. Uses a short-term solution of warding off pain at the sacrifice of long-term solutions, producing results we usually don't want.

Personality 2 leads us to give up, blame others, get sick, have accidents, and get in trouble. Growth is a slow awakening to how and why we create painful results. As we acknowledge unconscious intentions, the conscious intentions gain more strength.

Indian philosopher J. Krishnamurti said negative results are our unconscious in 3-D. The solution: claim, acknowledge, and own unconscious intentions. Why would I develop the unconscious intention to experience this?

JOURNAL:  Identify something that has not brought the results you have hoped for. Acknowledge the things you have done in an attempt to attract a healthy response. What has gone wrong? Dig deeply and try to identify any unconscious intentions that might be working against you.

SHARE: What is it that you want or have been working hard to acquire? What might be happening at the unconscious level to thwart or undermine that?

CLOSING: For the next month, use your sitting practice to think in terms of abundance. Acknowledge what is abundant in your life and practice visualizing yourself producing more of the good stuff you want. Practice not thinking about the depletion elements.