Full Circle

THEME: We are coming to the end of another calendar year. Whether our progress was fast or slow, we deserve to congratulate ourselves for successes that occurred in the past 12 months. Hopefully, we have learned a few things and that has helped us along our life path.


CHECK-IN: You are not the same person you were one year ago. What is something that is different about you today (compared to a year ago)? How did that come about? What is your level of satisfaction now?

MINDFUL PRACTICE: The power of light against dark. Normally, we have practiced small meditations with our eyes closed. Tonight, we are going to use a candle. Here are several candles to choose from. Select one that works for you.  Secure it on a small plate by melting the bottom wax and setting the candle in it to harden. The candle symbolizes the light of life and the spirit of truth. Burning the candle is an act of purification. Its components also have meaning:

  • wax - humanity

  • wick - soul

  • light - love, divinity

  • flame - godhead

  • fire - obedience

  • heat - humility

We will each light our candle and spend 5 minutes observing the flame. Try to use all of your senses. Notice any smells, sounds, change in temperature. Really take note of the flame and how it changes from tip to base, its movements.

Connect to the light. Settle your outer you.

JOURNAL: Coming full circle is like stepping into a clearing where we can see where we came from and where we are standing at the same time. It's important to pause and take a look at the ground we've covered, honoring our courage, our persistence, and our achievement.

Take a sheet of paper and create a circle divided into 12 parts. Each slice is a moment of satisfaction. By recognizing and celebrating the things that bring you joy, you increase the momentum of those aspects. Keep your eye on the prize! Prepare to share.

Circle in 12 parts.png

SHARE: What brought you satisfaction this year? Are there any specifics that you want to perpetuate? Highlight those with a color and talk about how they make you feel.  

CLOSING: You are here now. Let's celebrate this simple fact. We have the light of life in us. We can produce moments that bring us deep satisfaction and if we focus on those, we can bring more of it into our lives. Post your circle somewhere to remind yourself of what you want.

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