We are here to give and receive love. Let’s connect as humans and brighten someone’s day, one kind thought or gesture at a time.


Once a week, HKC meets to embark on a kindness mission based around a theme such as:

  • friendship/loneliness

  • strength/vulnerability

  • faith/fear

  • compassion/hatred

  • health/sickness

  • confidence/doubt

  • acceptance/shame

  • belonging/separation

  • forgiveness/resentment

  • happiness/sadness

  • gain/loss

Members explore their own experiences with questions such as: How does (positive emotion) feel to you? What does it look like? Do you recall a time when you felt (negative emotion)? What could you say to somebody who is feeling that way today?

Each member creates “something” that embodies the positive message (using an assortment of materials including natural objects, recycled materials, art supplies, etc.). The item can be a drawing, painting, comic, poem, abstraction, sculpture, collage, mobile, etc.


A photo of each item is taken by the HKC to post on instagram and/or the website’s gallery. Each member decides if he/she wants to:

  • Keep the item as a kindness message for him/herself

  • Keep the item to give to a specific person who would benefit from it

  • “Donate” the item to a partner organization (children’s hospital, senior centers, incarceration facility, immigrant support center, etc.).

Include additional activities and resources to build compassion and foster kindness.

  • Creative check-ins to help identify “emotional states” in a fun and playful way (limit personal details)

  • Inspirational stories from around the world

  • Brainstorming and co-creating opportunities